My Fire Brings Companionship - by Lunalei by Charem

My Fire Brings Companionship - by Lunalei


15 April 2017 at 15:02:51 MDT

Quite a bit of comradery can be gained by spending time with friends around a warm campfire during a rising moon. Even if you end up being the campfire. :P Spirit the wolf, Lex the gargoyle, and Guan the iguanko seem rather content with it though, and my initial surprise at being used to cook marshmallows by the mischievous wolf like no doubt wear off soon. Especially with Guan playing his ocarina so skillfully and beautifully as he always does. <3

This is perhaps one of the prettiest pictures I've ever had the privilege of being in; I mean, look at that background! This was skillfully crafted by the artist   Lunalei, and it was kindly commissioned by   lexgoyle as quite a wonderful gift to all parties present. <3 Lex himself is on the left, followed by his good friend and my good master   Guan, me, and Guan's mate and my friend   Spiritwolfe. <:3

Thanks again Lex and Luna!