[COMM] Slurping Salviatingly-Scrumptious Soles! - by IF & Me by Charem

[COMM] Slurping Salviatingly-Scrumptious Soles! - by IF & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:01:46 MDT

As the old saying goes, "One good lick deserves another." Or something like that, anyways. :P That statement certainly holds true for a lot of things in life...candies, chocolates, ice creams, your fingers after eating a greasy hamburger... :3 The list goes on and on, and covers a great deal of different types of foods.

But one lickable thing in particular manages to be meaty, salty, spicy and sweet all at once, making it quite the delicacy... I happen to have two of such things with me at all times, and I'm always happy to take a load off somewhere and prop my legs up to let others enjoy the tasty snacks, as Charmander here was undoubtedly elated to learn. ;D

Yes, Char-paws! Warm and smooth-scaled, we Chars have quite the attractive and clean feet, and our pads are as durable as they are plush! Even Charmander, though possessing his own set of wonderful paws, was not satisfied enough with lapping at his feets and had to turn to my plump soles to have a chance at sating his cravings. ;3

You can tell he enjoys my contributions, with how he's digging his tongue against my leathery, beef-jerky-tasting pads. He'll likely move to lap the scales around my pads in due time, obtaining the spicy-sweet flavor that rests there as well... Then, nuzzling closer to my foot, Charmander will almost certainly thread his tongue between my digits, getting every bit of the extra-salty flavor that rests there. Perhaps after that, he'll grow even more emboldened and nom over each of my pudgy toes, suckling on each one by one...

All I know is, I'm happy to let him do all of those things, and more. 83 I'll just be kicking back, enjoying that slimy, warm tongue cutely slurping away, and playfully shove my soles into that adorable little face. <3

Rawr~ <3 This be another fun commission I got to do with the help of   imperfectflame as per usual. The commissioner this time around is   charmander, who is really awesome for actually managing to obtain the name Charmander on FA, in addition to being a pretty awesome and cute little guy. <3

It was pretty fun working on this. Charmander wanted a close-up scene of him doing paw-lickings on somebody, and with his permission I volunteered my foot for the job. :D Multiple Chars having some fun together is always nice, after all! This being a close-up scene, it was quite a bit easier to work on this compared to commissions that require lots of small little details; I don't mind working on either, but it was nice to have sort of a break with this commission. ^^ I personally love how the BG turned out too. <3

Again, to anybody who's interested in commissioning me, please go check out my Commission Info section for all the details and examples! :D