[COMM] A Snuggly Scaly Sleep - by IF, Annika, & Me by Charem

[COMM] A Snuggly Scaly Sleep - by IF, Annika, & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:01:07 MDT

(Use your mouse to reveal a new part of the scene! ^^)

Snuggling with friends and going to sleep with them is, obviously, a very peaceful and relaxing thing to do. :3 It's made all the better when you happen to be vorish and stretchy as well...

Zomby and Joshie quickly learned how I take naps with my friends. It all starts with your standard snugglings, but once I fall asleep, I happen to be the sort to nibble on his pillow...and then swallow the pillow. 8D The furry Zomby and squishy Joshie both proved to be excellent pillows to doze off against...so an obvious outcome is obvious. ^^

Not that they're complaining, of course. <3 Wrapped in a nice, warm, soft, and moist 'blanket' like my scaly hide, they'll probably rest even better than me now!

Featuring: :iconCharem:, :icon-TheZombyWoof-:, and :iconSupameep:
Lineart © :iconimperfectflame:
Color © :iconCharem:
Animation © :iconPippuri:

Well lookie here, it's an animation commission I took! 8D Flame drew two images and I colored them as usual for my commissions, but I made sure to add shading to the internal. Then :iconpippuri: was quite nice to implement them together into what you see here! ^..^

Thanks goes to Zomby for the commission, and to :iconGuan: for helping pay for it. 83 It was a lot of fun putting this cute flash together <3

Again, to anybody who's interested in commissioning me, please go check out my [url=http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/charem/]Commission Info[/url] section for all the details and examples! :D Also, I will be adding this type of commission, an x-ray flash commission, to my list of commission types if anybody would like something like this!