How a Charmeleon Can Learn Fly - by imperfectflame & Me by Charem

How a Charmeleon Can Learn Fly - by imperfectflame & Me


15 April 2017 at 14:17:48 MDT

Elemental stones are pretty awesome. They give a Pokemon almost all the power of their evolved forms, without actually evolving them like a typical evolution stone. This means that elemental stones can be used by Pokemon that don't evolve by stones, as well as those that do.

But, not even an elemental stone can give you ALL the power of your evolved form... My elemental stone of fire doesn't just let me sprout Charizard wings or anything!

Fortunately... I have ways around this. CLEVER ways...

MWAHAHA. >:3 Fear me, ground dwellers! I is a mighty dragon,, floating...high above you! Rawwwr!

After I put up yesterday's submission about elemental stones, I got a comment about how for all the stone's power, it still doesn't let me fly.   imperfectflame, artist of yesterday's pic as well as of this one, noticed a response involving Drifblims being the answer...and this was born. XD

I gave it a quick coloring, because...heck, look at it. Do I even need to say why? XD