Bulging Belly Bests Bigger Beast! Part 1 - by Saphiros by Charem

Bulging Belly Bests Bigger Beast! Part 1 - by Saphiros


15 April 2017 at 14:00:22 MDT

Part 2: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10164734/

Competitive eating! What a positively indulgent sport, and certainly one of the few sports that make you fatter rather than thinner by performing in them!

That's not to say such a sport is only for lazy fatties. Well, it certainly can be, but there's a lot of work and preparation one has to undertake to be competitive. And if there's one thing I learned about the sport, it's that those people who train their bodies to handle such a fast intake of food are the ones who win - not simply the ones who are biggest and fattest!

Speaking of which... Enter Night the Typhlosion. Being a Typhlosion, he was rather taller than me, and technically sported a larger gut. To the casual viewer, it would seem difficult for my smaller self best such a large creature.

But if anybody is well-versed in their own digestion systems...it'd be me! ;3

Consuming tubes of liquefied bacon fat and banana peels were our missions. Odd choices, but they were filling and went down easy enough. The speed of the tubes' flows all depended on how quickly we could gulp down the mass of foodstuff, so it was he who could devour their meal at the fastest overall rate, without getting sick or exhausted, that would win!

Was there any doubt as to the result? <:3

Night certainly put up a good fight, but as David defeated Goliath, I also had the courage to overcome my own larger 'rival'! Both scaled and furred bellies gurgled and urgled as more and more of the foods sloshed into them, their owners gulping down the near-endless flow as hard as they could! The Typhlosion's belly had larger growth at first - a good starting sprint, but my better elasticity soon caused my gut to catch up and surpass Night's own as the fattened Typhlosion simply swallowed too hard and tuckered himself out too quickly. My victory was secure as the larger fire-type slowly toppled onto his back, my cream-colored stomach's weight and girth shoving him away!

Night squeaked as he removed his banana peels tube from his mouth early, knowing that I'd already bested him. Regardless of my victory, I continued my meal of bacon fat with a smug grin on my snout, pillowing my belly further out atop Night's own form as I swallowed every last drop of my tube. The Typhlosion squeaked in greater embaressment as I tossed my tube to the side and reached over to pick up his own, cheerfully gulping the last third of his tube's supply of banana peels to mingle the fruity slush right along with my bacon fat. Certainly, I didn't HAVE to consume every remaining drop of food...but, waste not want not. Plus...

Even as the second tube emptied out, I couldn't help but lick my lips as I removed it from my jaws, peering down at the pudgy Typhlosion under my gut. In truth, I was still hungry... >:3

This was an epic, simply wonderful picture drawn by   Saphiros! Me and   ottahdragun (aka Night the Typhlosion) commissioned it of him. :3 Fattening pictures are always fun, and especially when you put a competitive aspect to it! <3 Belly-toppling is totally cute, too!

Saph does such a great job with this sorta stuff. Oh, the choices of bacon fat and banana peels being the foods were Saph's own pickings. What a weird guy he is! <3 I find it entertaining though!

Oh, I did pay a bit extra to Saphiros for a variation/sequel, too... ;3~