Bulging Belly Bests Bigger Beast! Part 2 - by Saphiros by Charem

Bulging Belly Bests Bigger Beast! Part 2 - by Saphiros


15 April 2017 at 14:00:31 MDT

Part 1: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10164435/

Far as I'm concerned, there's two ways to 'win' at competitive eating. You can do it the normal way, simply eating your given portion until you've outdone the other competitor and won. Or you can do it the truly-victorious way, where you consume everything possible. ;D Can you guess which is more fun to do?

Having consumed what both tubes of food could provide me, I was left with a massive, bananas-and-baconfat-stuffed belly, as well as a plumped-out Typhlosion trapped under my bloated weight. This was certainly a victory for me...even an acceptable one. But why give 99% when you can give 100%? >:3

I carefully began to reach up atop my large gut, and with some careful wriggling, I soon began to pivot my body atop the scaly mass. The process was difficult yet entertaining, my belly smooshing entertainingly all about as I scaled it. When I reached the 'summit' of my weight, I peered over to the other side to see the rather-confused face of my beaten competitor.

Night wasn't quite sure as to what I was doing as I rolled my weight around as I did, but his eyes soon grew wider as I allowed myself to slide down the side of my belly he was on - with my mouth notably hung wide open. Drool dripping from my jaws splashed against Night's snout as I descended upon him, but the Typhlosion could barely do anything about it, well-trapped under my belly-mass as he was. I soon landed softly atop his fattened chest, and finally, my open jaws had something to fill themselves with once again!

Glomp! My throat, already well-stretched from the previous gorging, had no trouble accepting the Typhlosion's entire head as I lunged my jaws over him! Wriggling in delight, my fat lack of mobility hardly impeded my ability to swallow the other fire-type down further and further... My internal muscles stretched and rippled and pulled mightily at Night's soft, bloated body as I shoved more of him into my overstretched maw. From shoulders, to chest, to even that girthful Typhlosion-gut...even though it took time to gulp each down, none of them could impede my hunger!

As I worked Night's fat thighs and rear past my lips, I sighed in over-engorged bliss, beginning to wriggle back over to the other side of my belly. Soon, I sat back exactly where I been before, with only two pudgy Typhlosion feet sticking from my maw. Though...not for long.

Glurrrrk! The last swallow is almost always the most satisfying. My over-stretched throat finally began to return to a more normal shape as Night's feet slid down the slick route, the last of the furry fire-type collecting with the rest of him in my truly-mountainous belly! I could hear him yip in confusion as he sloshed about in the mix of food already contained in there, causing my stomach-mass to wobble and burble about.

And as for me? I could only purr, huggling my belly possessively with the smuggest of smug grins, finally feeling full and sated. A victor in numerous, wonderful ways!

...At least, until the second round of the competition started up, anyways. <3

This was an epic, simply wonderful picture drawn by   Saphiros! Me and   ottahdragun (aka Night the Typhlosion) commissioned it of him. :3 Fattening pictures are always fun, and especially when you put a competitive aspect to it! <3 Belly-toppling is totally cute, too!

Saph does such a great job with this sorta stuff. Oh, the choices of bacon fat and banana peels being the foods were Saph's own pickings. What a weird guy he is! <3 I find it entertaining though!

This is a little variation of the original image to make it...a little more fun yet. <3 This was actually Saphiros's own idea, and I obviously approve! ;D