Whacka-char! Woo! by Charem

Whacka-char! Woo!


15 April 2017 at 13:13:52 MDT

Yep-yep, that's a promise of what I'll do! Whack-hooo!

Anybody remember Whacka? He's one adorable and cheerful little guy that you can utterly whack the heck out of in Paper Mario 64. Doing so gets you a delicious and valuable edible, Whacka's Bump. Do it too many times and you kill the Whacka entirely. D: You MONSTER.

Well, Charem the Whacka is a little bit different. Still cute, quirky, friendly, and optimistic, of course, but...you don't wanna try to get his Bumps. Unlike most Whackas, he's quite capable of defending himself... Whacka him, and he'll snacka YOU! >:P

And he'll nom you while looking absolutely adorable. Because that is the way of the Whacka. :3

I drew this tonight thanks to   emusal, who made this journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3882872/ In it, he stated that there was a tremendous lack of moles on FA, and that somebody needs ta do something! So, I did! Yack-a-dooo!

Background, text box, and font are all from Paper Mario 64, of course. n.n

(And yes, the similarity to Diglett is not lost on me. XD)