The Best Way to Get Cheesed Off - by congruentpartisan by Charem

The Best Way to Get Cheesed Off - by congruentpartisan


15 April 2017 at 13:16:15 MDT

When you have too many cheesecakes to count, whaddaya do? Make the numbers a little more easily counted, that's what! :3~ But there was almost too many for me alone to eat, so I'm glad that my big 'ol fatty-friend,   yoshiboy1, was there to assist me! It's more fun to share a big meal like this anyways. <3

Cheesecake certainly is fattening though! But how can you resist the smooth, rich flavor? My flabby belly certainly couldn't, and certainly not Flamey's, whose girth was absolutely dwarfing mine... That just meant I had to pick up the pace! ;3

This was a very fat and adorable little picture that   yoshiboy1 requested   congruentPartisan to draw, and he kindly asked to include me into it as well. n..n I'm certainly happy to be included in this, especially perched atop such a delicious mound too! <3 Besides it being just plain cute, you can draw your own conclusions as to why I'd be sitting on food... xP