Vorish (& More!) Collages: Page 4 - by ImperfectFlame & Me by Charem

Vorish (& More!) Collages: Page 4 - by ImperfectFlame & Me


15 April 2017 at 12:51:47 MDT

This is the fourth of a bunch of doodle pages that I have collected together, all of which were drawn by   imperfectflame back in the days that he would do random doodle streams. ^..^ I took it upon myself to color a whole bunch of these: all of the ones I was graciously involved in, plus a few others. :3

For better organization, I've numbered everything on each page as well. Here's some short descriptions of each...

  1. I has a Zangoose form, thanks to this year's Zangoose day! :P And I decided to do...weird things at that point. Wut? I've never really been a mammal before, so I may as well play around with a new 'entrance' that reptiles don't have. :P Oh, bellybuttons! Never knew Lickitungs fit so well in them.

  2. A while back,   sparkythechu had a birthday! I wanted to make him a cake, but didn't have quite enough ingredients... So I 'made him a cake' in a totally different way. <3 Of course, BIG cakes are especially delicious, so I needed to stuff the 'chu a bit too... A certain Umbreon crammed down his maw certainly did the trick for that. ;D

  3.   frostbite-w the igwulf needed ta be cheered one day. So I turned into my special igwulfeon self and stuffed him in my pouch! <3 He's a little confused but don't worry, he'll love it in there~

  4.   yoshiboy1, like any self-respecting dragon, can get a bit of an appetite at times... It seems I was on the menu for this particular occasion! XP

  5. This one was actually colored (and shaded quite nicely!) by   armaggedondoom. :P Muk-forms are becoming a bit popular around FA, and it only makes sense I got 'afflicted' with the condition. XP Here, Charemuk is in the middle of sinking Armaggedon's Shaymin form in his goop!

  6. One thing that   frostbite-w always likes to do when I speak to him online is open up his jacket and invite me inside it, tucking me right against his fuzzy belly. <3 This harmless sort of 'vore' is so adorable that it had to be drawn. ^^ Two igwulfs having some close time~

  7. Oh yes. You can't escape Zangoose Day even if you want to. It...TURNS you... XP Eep!