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Vorish (& More!) Collages: Page 2 - by ImperfectFlame & Me by Charem

Vorish (& More!) Collages: Page 2 - by ImperfectFlame & Me


This is the second of a bunch of doodle pages that I have collected together, all of which were drawn by   imperfectflame back in the days that he would do random doodle streams. ^..^ I took it upon myself to color a whole bunch of these: all of the ones I was graciously involved in, plus a few others. :3

For better organization, I've numbered everything on each page as well. Here's some short descriptions of each...

  1. It seems that   polaris-the-flareon's Lunar the Ninetales caught the attention of my uniquely-voracious Vaporeon Mizuko. ;P He really loves to go for the fire-types, doesn't he?

  2. He just is hungrier and hungrier it seems! That cute little dragon   jumpman92029 shows that maw and pouch are just two of the ways he can consume, proving that his fluffy tail-end holds a bit of a secret of its own. XP   Zearo8 is glomped conventionally in the meanwhile~

  3. Flame drew himself giving my moody butt a hug one day when I was feeling particularly upset about something trivial. It helped cheer me up quite quickly, I remember. <3

  4.   Guan the Charizard is a big fella, even as Zards go, so he's quite capable of flying a few passengers around. Channeling my inner dare-devil, I decide to do a bit of 'air surfing' while I'm at it!