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Sending a Buizel in for a Dip - by ESArtist & Me by Charem

Sending a Buizel in for a Dip - by ESArtist & Me


Oh Mizuko, Mizuko, Mizuko. He appears to be such an ordinary Vaporeon...and really, he is. No unique traits, no specialized magic. He has all the typical abilities of his species... It's just that he has found ways to utilize these abilities to the fullest!

See, Vaporeons? They can melt into water, and then reform. Toooootally normal. They use this ability to escape and trick predators, as well as a useful and deceptive battle tactic.

But Mizuko, he harnessed this ability...played with it. :P He found that he could control his body in...unusual ways when semi-liquid. Very unusual ways... He is, after all, friends with me, Charem the black-hole-for-a-stomach Charmeleon. :P You could say I 'encouraged' his more-hungry side to...have some fun with his traits!

Belly rubs are such a harmless thing, normally. Mizzy honestly does love them, and a blushing Vappy laying back and kicking its leg to tummy strokes is simply adorable. Easy to let your guard down when seeing, even.

But, such rubs is also a fantasic way to get a potential meal verrrrrry close to his gut! Of course...There's skin, blood, tissues separating the prey from the actual stomach...normally... But that matters not when you can temporarily melt all that away into water!

As this Buizel above quite shockingly and quickly found out. He was probably too confused to why his paws suddenly splooshed into a bunch of water to think about resisting, and by the time Mizzy had his watery tendrils around the otter, it was too late for escape anyways!

But, don't worry. Buizels are water types, after all. They're well-adapted for a swim... ;3

This was drawn by   esartist aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago! xP I always meant to color this, and finally, I did! Yay!

Mizuko is my oft-forgotten Vaporeon character. I'll try to pop him into my art a little more often. ;3 He is 100% normal in a physical sense...until he shows what he can do in his liquid form. Vore is just one of the things he can do; he can also melt together with 'captured' creatures and merge with them, too! He might have other tricks up his fins, but I don't know of them yet... :3