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Clogging Up the Pipes - by Strithor by Charem

Clogging Up the Pipes - by Strithor


15 April 2017 at 12:28:00 MDT

Alternate non-cutaway version can be seen here:

It seems that I can never stay away from certain fates for long. Of course, when one fate involves a 'malfunction' of a thing you have to use everyday, it's only to be expected I'd find myself in such a predicament so often!

Especially when I only encouraged it...

Toilets...what was it about them that appealed to me so? The cool, smooth porcelain? The guttural and practically hungry-sounding sloshes of flushed water? Whatever it was, the devices seemed to 'understand' my thoughts for them, and would respond to them when I least expected it!

This particular commode responded in an odd way as I sat upon it, planning to do my usual business. I thought nothing of the stirs of water in its bowl...until I noticed my butt quite wet, the water level raising up too high.

"Eek!" the cold water has surprised me, and I leaped off the seat, turning around to see that the bowl was indeed overfilling with water. Strange, considering I had done nothing to cause a clog; in fact, the privy was perfectly clean and empty aside from the growing collection of water.

Confused, I looked about for a plunger, but to my dismay there was none in the restroom. The water was starting to spill over the bowl and onto the tiled floor by now, strange glubs and gloops being made as the water bubbled from the bottom. Lacking a better idea, and seeing that the bowl was entirely clean, I balanced myself against the nearby wall and splashed my foot down into the bowl. I pushed my heel against the hole at the bottom, attempting to plunge best I could with my foot...but found the hole strangely too wide to form a seal over.

The water continued to spill out. Worrying that this would soon flood the bathroom at this rate, I grabbed the back of the toilet with my paws and lifted my other leg into the bowl, balancing carefully on the rounded bottom of the bowl. Both of my feet together could seal over the hole, right? I put my feet together and pushed down hard...

...Only to feel them both slip MUCH too far down!

It took me a moment to realize that that hole had STRETCHED apart, engulfing my feet into the piping past it. More confused than ever, I braced my paws and pulled up, intending to slip my feet free...but to no avail. I felt a pressure fighting me, and suddenly realized that this mysterious clog had stopped. The water was rushing past my feet into the piping now, and the flow was...pulling me along with it!

I struggled, fighting it best I could. There was only so much water the bowl could hold, so I imagined this flush could be waited out. Except that the water level was in fact NOT going down... I looked to the sides of the bowl and noticed that new water was gushing into the bowl at an extremely fast rate, replacing what was flushing away at an almost-perfectly equal rate.

I yelped as my paws slipped off the back of the toilet, my claws sliding helplessly against the smooth porcelain. I caught myself against the lip of the commode, but it was already wet with overflowed water; I could tell my grip would not hold well at all. Still, I attempted to hold the lip tight and push up, even as my thighs and rump were gulped mightily into the strangely-stretchy toilet. Naturally, this did not end well; my paws lost their hold almost instantly, and they splooshed into the pool of flushing water, quickly being sucked down to my sides before the commode swallowed them into its piping as well!

The privy was clearly enjoying every part of its 'special meal', the water sloshing and splashing into my face. The flow of water became more lazy as my upper body was gradually pulled lower, the water now not replenishing itself fully... It seemed it planned to finish its meal with a final flush. I was thankful at least for this, as my snout slipped below the bowel's lip; at least my head was not gonna be submerged at this rate. I still sputtered and coughed as the churning water swirled into my face, wettening me entirely. I blinked through the splashes and looked down to the now-massively-gaping hole gulping me down, before...

Blackness. I could feel a strong, yet thankfully-pliable plastic push against my frame, moving dynamically as I was ushered further and further along a straight tunnel. I was in the PVC piping connected to the toilet now... I could still hear the privy gurgling in satisfaction as I slipped down its 'throat', a thankfully-small stream of water flowing alongside me. Opening my mouth filled it with the flow, but I could still breath a stale air through my nostrils. I struggled, testing the flexibility of the pipes -- but they appeared only to stretch enough to keep from crushing me, and to push me along their route. I was entirely at the mercy of this tract, just like the water that so often flowed through the very same route...

I could hear the cracks of tiles in the floor above me as the pipe stretched and groaned, uncaring what it broke around it in its stretches; the toilet wanted me swallowed into its 'gut'. I could feel my body suddenly slip into a larger (though still tight!) space, aimed down vertically instead of the horizontal route I had been getting gulped down. I was into the main plumbing pipe of the building...and descending the vertical route quite easily now. Still did the pipes stretch and part hungrily for me, less pulling me and more just allowing gravity to do their work for them. I kept my head down as water fell above me, sploshing atop my head.

I was no plumber, but I knew where I was heading now. It appeared the septic tank outside the house was the toilet's 'stomach'. I should have known...

The piping took another bend, going horizontal once more. The final stretch of pipes before that tank were just ahead of me, and the PVC massaged and shunted me along, more eager than ever. Like an animal feeling a squirming prey at the bottom of their throat before the meal is about to drop into their belly....

This was certainly not how I'd intended my day to go...!

Hehehe! x3 Well now... This was drawn up by the experiment-happy   Strithor! He's done a lot of types of vore, and I poked him about my rather-unusual interest in toilet vore, and he was quite willing to give it a shot! I rather like his take on a bulgy toilet here, and it's very fun to see an 'internal shot' with me in the piping. Plumbing is actually very interesting stuff, and can be easily likened to a digestive tract if you ponder it for a bit. =P