The Many Exploits of Charem: A Sampling! - by imperfectflame by Charem

The Many Exploits of Charem: A Sampling! - by imperfectflame


15 April 2017 at 12:23:24 MDT

Being a varied and mischievous reptile, I tend to get into a lot of different shenanigans. :P As different as these instances are, most of them tend to center around my appetite -- or sometimes, the appetite of another's!

Let's have a look-see at just what I got myself into here, from left to right, top to bottom...

  • Top two images: While it's most certainly true that I can consume things many times larger than me, sometimes, all you feel like is a little snack. 'Little' in my case being a creature that's only slightly smaller than I am. :P Still, even small bulges can be enjoyable, and the added mobility that comes from a light meal means I can happily and cutely settle down on the ground for a snooze without my belly capsizing me, my meal's form poking out from my sides instead! <3

  • Middle left: Live food is of course tasty, but sometimes I can crave some 'normal' food. That is, if a massive and oversized waffle coated in maple syrup is 'normal'. :B It's likely I'm playing the role of a micro here, as, such as a previous picture has shown, I do rather enjoy gorging happily on normally-mundane meals when I'm tiny! <3 Tiny doesn't mean weak, of course; with great strength can I lift the great waffle above me, not minding as its syrups dripped and coated my scales... It simply meant I'd have a very tasty time licking myself clean later!

  • Middle right: One thing I don't often display is just how much strength my internal muscles have. Usually I let them hang open to greatly accommodate my meals, allow them to wriggle and bulge me out, much to my pleasure. But, occasionally, I find myself wanting a big meal but keeping my general mobility, such as with this Lugia here. Well, it's nothing a nice compression can't solve! Sure, it won't be exactly COMFORTABLE for the dear legendary to be curled up super-tight, but it will certainly reward me with a big, full, round, but easily-handled gut! ;3

  • Bottom left: There are many ways for me to show my approval of a good, recently-consumed meal. When I'm feeling rather relaxed and quite dominant, I'm liable to open wide and let out a triumphant belch! (Which, in addition, shows off my mawspace to anybody else that might be around!) Manners? Who needs them? <3

  • Bottom right: Of course, sometimes, I'm not eating anything, and just enjoying a nice day outside. Chubby lizards gotta get some fresh air and exercise too! I do love the sea, and since there were a series of solid seaside rocks I could easily climb upon, I figured I'd enjoy the sea air up close. ...But, well, if I'M not the one eating stuff, I often find myself playing the OPPOSITE role for some other creature! This whole scene might look familiar to those who have kept up to date on one of my older pictures... Can you spot the impending 'danger' here? xP

...Whew. And this was all a mere sampling of my adventures. <3 I've had many more in the past, and I'm sure I'll have many, many more in the future!

Hehehe! n..n This smattering of adorable doodles were drawn by my dear Umbreon friend   imperfectflame as an apology when he was late to get to a commission I had purchased from him. He had a plenty-good reason to be late (computer trouble), and didn't even leave me waiting that long, so I was hardly upset of anything. But he still wanted to do these 'apology doodles' for me, and similar sets for his other commissioners... ^^ I was very grateful, as these are extremely cute; Imperfect did a fantastic job capturing my character in them. <3 <3

Not to mention, it made me realize just how awesome the 'Bree can do these MSPaintish-style colored sketches. :D I asked him about commissioning comics in this style, and he was quite happy to do so! I decided to commission two different comics (one that's finished and turned out awesomely, and another in the works that is turning out 10 times as awesome!), so I'll be sure to show those off eventually. n..n

Thank you again for being an awesome person to commission, Flame, in addition to being a wonderful friend too! <3 <3 tailwags