Charem Puzzle Template - by Cobaltin by Charem

Charem Puzzle Template - by Cobaltin


15 April 2017 at 12:23:14 MDT

AV! AV! Love it! Don't you see? AV! Yaaaay!

XD Of course I'd find cause to dance over one of my favorite activities. Join Charem in the pro-AV rally! |P

This is a bit different! This adorable little image, drawn by   Cobaltin, will be seeing use in a video game as a sliding block puzzle (such as

The video game is Voremon, made by   foxyumbreon. (Latest version: Fairly-obviously, it's an RPG Maker game about Pokemon and vore, and it's been in the works for a fairly long time. ^^

Foxy kindly asked me if I wanted my character to exist as one of three differently-sized sliding block puzzles, and I got lucky enough to claim the largest and most complicated of the three! ;3~ Cobalt was quite kind to not only do this request, but also follow stringent size rules and make sure to leave no empty 'blocks' that would confuse the puzzle. <3