Well, This is Awkward... (Colored) - by Emusal & Jumpman by Charem

Well, This is Awkward... (Colored) - by Emusal & Jumpman


15 April 2017 at 12:04:07 MDT

When you get a giant cake for your birthday, one can't help but guess there might be a person inside of it, ready to pop out in a surprise "Happy Birthday!" And of course, when you're a hungry and mischievous Charmeleon like me, you naturally want to nom the person before they have a chance to escape...

Of course, using my 'preferred' method of vore requires the slightly-unusual action of sitting on said cake... ^^; This got a bit embarrassing when I figured out that my good friend Reed was, in fact, NOT actually in the cake at all. x3

Well, there's no easy way to talk myself outta this one... xD

This was drawn up by by my good friend   emusal as a birthday present. ^..^ It was quite a cute and silly idea and I appreciate it quite a bit! I'm really sort of amazed he drew this, as he's not exactly known for rump-vorish things like this. <3 It's done cutely and cleanly though, which is quite refreshing for this type of vore, hehe!

  jumpman92029/Mist then took the image and gave it a nice swath of color recently. <3 Actually, Mist's been doing a lot of colorations for me lately, so I hope you guys don't mind seeing a number. <=3 Thanks a bunch Mist!

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