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Quagsire's Unusual Meal - by Forbic & Me by Charem

Quagsire's Unusual Meal - by Forbic & Me


15 April 2017 at 11:43:25 MDT

Contrary to what people might expect of me, I actually rather like going to see the ocean. It's very calming to watch the water approach and retreat, listen to the waves crash, and just enjoy the fresh, salty air.

Even being a fire-type reptile, this particular day at the beach was simply so relaxing that I decided to dip my feet in the cool water. There was a round, weathered rock that looked perfect to do this from, so I carefully rested on the smooth surface, gasping as my clawed toes dipped down into the cold but pleasant waters. Looking out into the endless ocean in front of me, I felt very calm... So calm, in fact, that it felt like nothing at all could disturb me as long as I rested there on that rock.

Little did I know that there was someone who wanted to prove me wrong on that...

Quagsires are not the world's most intelligent Pokemon. Often running into boats and reefs due to simply not paying that much attention to where they're swimming, they nonetheless exude quite a relaxed personality. One such carefree creature happened to be floating by the beachside, right near the rock formation I was resting upon. When the Quaggy looked up to see my wriggling feet swirling the surface of the water, the water/ground Pokemon came to one simple conclusion: wriggly things are food!

Carefree they might be, but a Quagsire can certainly swim quickly when it wants to! I had no time to react before Quaggy's blue head splooshed out of the drink, one of my feet already caught in his expansive maw. I sturggled to get away, but yet, I couldn't truly hurry away - water was practically all around us, and I couldn't hope to walk the rocks back to the safety of land so quickly! And I couldn't risk splashing into the water...

All I could do was cling to the rock and keep myself from slipping into the ocean as the Quagsire glomped higher and higher up my body, the drooling predator on a one-track mind. The sea-faring creature's body was even slicker inside than it was outside, his expansive digestive system wrapping around me and urging me deeper and deeper...

I was 'glad', at least, that the Quagsire did not intend to drag me into the water. Instead, the creature simply occupied that rock more and more as I occupied it less and less! My struggles were proving even more useless than at first, and soon, I could only watch as the predator threw his head back, my view of the sky outside of his big, grinning maw the last bit of light I saw before gravity and his relaxed gulps sent me all the way down to his gut...

The dark, pink interior of his gut wobbled and glorped around me, pulsing slightly against me as if to inspect the meal it had received. I pushed back in a bit of irritation, feeling around to see if I could find an exit.

This proved to be a mistake...

The belly locked up around me in response, squeezing me tightly together as it compacted to half its previous size! The flesh pressing against me drooled out a thick secretion as the gut wobbled and gurgled around me. The fluids filling up around me made it painfully obvious what as about to happen next...!

The Quagsire sat simply on the rock, rubbing over his well-bulged belly as it quivered and pulsed. The amphibian laid down, letting the warm sun aid his belly in doing what a belly does best...digestion. Over time, the distinct bulges of his prey soon softened and relaxed, slowly forming a smooth, thick layer of pudge across the sea-creature's body. It seemed that his meal was quite fattening...though the freshly-pudged Quagsire didn't seem to mind one bit!

Hoo boy, this was a totally-fun collaboration to work on! ^..^ The linework was done by the talented Forbic, who drew such a wealth of panels for this sequence...epic! <3 I did my best to color everything up, using MS Paint, the same program he used to draw with. What he can do with MS Paint is simply amazing, wouldn't you agree?

We decided on a picture of me getting nommed by a Quagsire would be very fun, because well... Quagsire! :3 I think they're rather cute, in a derpy sort of way. And plus, nobody's done vore with them before, far as I know, so it was a unique concept too! ^^

We included digestion because...well, to be honest, I like this sort of digestion. The cute, non-graphic sort, where the prey becomes a nice, adorable layer of pudge for the pred. <3 In my opinion, that'd be a wonderful way to go, hehe! I hope the content doesn't bother anybody else. =3 This isn't perma-death or anything like that, no worries.