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Next Please! ;3~ - by Forbic & Me by Charem

Next Please! ;3~ - by Forbic & Me


15 April 2017 at 11:43:12 MDT

Ahh, a nice, big meal always makes me feel so satisfied... Granted, it's hard to even move around with all the extra weight, but I'd rather just sit down and rest against my expanded gut anyways! ;3 Of course, you're welcome to expand it further, if you'd like...

You don't believe I can possibly eat anything else with a full belly like this? Well, I don't mean to sound cocky, but I can eat a lot more than you can dream possible... I may be a rather-submissive pet at times, but sometimes that can changes... ^.~ And having a nice meal squirming around inside of me only helps increase my more...predatorial urges. You could say the more I eat, the more I WANT to eat...

So, you'll help with that, won't you? Not that I'm giving you much of a choice... grins evilly, a bit of drool dripping down his lips

Heheh...yum yum. ;3 This quite-cocky image was drawn very kindly by Forbic. He's a furry you don't see all that often - he prefers to draw just for friends and doesn't really base himself at any art websites. He's quite an amiable fellow if you run into him on IMs though, like I have had the privilege of doing. <3

I suggested a collaboration to Forbic, and he agreed to the idea. This was the second of two 'test drawings' he did just to practice my character... I loved the first attempt, but this one is ever better! XD I don't think anybody has captured by predatorial side quite as well as Forbic did here. Cocky, confident, and yet still quite adorable! (I will likely use this image as my Profile ID in due time.)

I gave this image a quick color job and BG using the same program Forbic uses to draw in: MSPaint. I don't think it's a very good art program, but man does Forbic manage to prove me wrong with the quality he can put together. n..n

And, yes, I will be submitting the actual collaboration we did...soon. =3~ Not today; maybe in a couple. It's very awesome, as can be expected considering Forbic drew it. <3