Rock-Birds Are Hard to Swallow (Random PKMN MEME) by Charem

Rock-Birds Are Hard to Swallow (Random PKMN MEME)


15 April 2017 at 06:06:26 MDT

Archens are somewhat rare, being effectively extinct and all, and only existing through the miracles of fossil regeneration. So when this Pansear ran into one, he figured he'd take the opportunity to have an exotic meal... Of course, Rock-types are rather...durable sorts... :O And it seems they don't take too kindly to the idea of digesting either easily or peacefully. ^^; Poor monkey...

This was one of two things I drew in my second OC with   LongLevy. ;3 I generated these two Pokemon randomly as per the rules of my 'Draw Two Randomized Pokemon MEME' and drew 'em together! =P I doodled this up pretty quickly, so it may not be my best works, but I was trying to speed-draw so it's all cool. ^.^

For those interested in knowing more about my MEME (and possibly doing it too? <3 ), you can read about it in this journal of mine: