Echiameleon's Delightful Jacuzzi-Gut - by Randommanel & Me by Charem

Echiameleon's Delightful Jacuzzi-Gut - by Randommanel & Me


15 April 2017 at 06:06:07 MDT

Oh my... ^.^; Looks like Echiameleon was a big hungry! And a big Charmeleon gal like that tends to eat first, ask questions later! x3 Too bad I was the first edible thing she set her eyes upon...

Aw, who am I kidding? <3 I love feeding a heavy-set beauty like her. And plus, her belly's quite the steamy place to end up in...literally! Her 'digestive' acids are in fact quite safe for me, the hot liquids simply heating up her tummy. Essentially, it's a belly jacuzzi! n..n

I could relax like this for hours...and I'm quite sure Echia doesn't mind the extra weight! xD

purrrs Now, this was a fun collab! ^..^ Echia is one of   Randommanelnorse's characters, and I always liked the Char-gal, so I was quite happy when Random agreed to the idea of a collaboration. <3 He did the sketch, and I colored it and gave it a few extra effects and details. It was quite enjoyable to work on! n..n

Random's original sketch is here: