Charem's First iScribble Session - by Many by Charem

Charem's First iScribble Session - by Many


15 April 2017 at 05:18:01 MDT

Nattya hosted a vore room in iScribble last night, and though I'm not usually much of a doodler, I hopped into it. We had quite a number of people drawing... <3 This is all two pages of drawings (I think I managed to save everything we did...).

People in the room drawing were...

...and myself.

I don't remember entirely who drew what, but it should be fairly obvious from the styles. =P Everyone basically drew themselves here, for the most part. Usually with someone else there being om-nommed. <3

Personally, I drew myself eatin' Roco, as well as the black mage and the top-right drawing (showing why I hate drawing with my mouse, because it likes to gravitate to the bottom-right of the screen randomly).