Just For Starters! (#007 Squirtle) - by Neo-Razr by Charem

Just For Starters! (#007 Squirtle) - by Neo-Razr


15 April 2017 at 05:18:25 MDT

It seems water-type starters tend to be rather eager to swallow down a fire-lizard. Perhaps it's a water-beats-fire dominance thing? In any case, after having filled the belly of a hungry Totodile, it seemed I was destined to find another blue maw drooling in anticipation for my taste!

The Squirtle seemed quite shy as he stammered out his interest in eating me, having heard of my 'goal' from the Totodile. I soon learned why he was bashful, as he slowly slipped his body from his shell. The hard covering would not allow me much room in his belly, and thus he had to get 'unclothed' for the chance at nomming me.

I patted his head as he stood there awkwardly, looking at me with rosy cheeks. He was shy, but curiosity and hunger sparked in his eyes. Chuckling, I turned around and waggled by tail, which I soon found glomped by his shaking but salivating jaws...

This cute picture was drawn by   Neo-Razr. ^..^ I'm not normally nommed tail-first, but it certainly is a fun way to be eaten! And Squirtles...well, they're just so adorable shelless. <3

This pic is one of the "Just For Starters!" set. My goal is to be nommed by every starter Pokemon from the main games, including Black and White. This makes a total of 16 Pokemon, and thus 16 drawings that need drawn up! ^^ I'm seeking help with this collaborative project, and not too many of the Pokes have been drawn yet...take a look at the full details here, if you're interested: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1634506/