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Gnome by Chaaya.Chandra



Since the RP Games' Parler account got a little ahead of me on posting art, I guess I'm doing Filo here next.

Filo is the trainer aboard the pirate ship Wisp. (He's not the main engineer; I'm not sure where that title came from). He was brought over with the ship in order to train the crew. He can't actually fix anything; that usually falls on Ginger. Sajani puts him on jobs when expertise is vital. It's mentioned in Faux Scent that she specifically wants him to check the wind dampening runes, since they'll be coming in faster and lower than usual on their next attack.

There's a funny story about his appearance. First off, his artwork came long before the character, although I knew this story when I put him in the books. I want to post a picture of the publisher's oldest son to go with this, but I'm pretty sure that would get me in trouble. Why a picture of him? Because this gnome looks almost exactly like Carl's oldest son. When the art proof came through, he took a look at it and sent back his proposed changes to the image along with a picture of his oldest son. The proof only needed a couple of changes to match him.

Filo's name is pronouced Fill-O, but now everytime I read it I think that and immediately think of Philo T. Farnsworth. Not sure why.

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