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Painted Gas Mask: Punky Tiger by Catwoman69y2k

Painted Gas Mask: Punky Tiger


19 June 2015 at 14:01:17 MDT

Its nice when Stego's masks are appreciated by friends because I get to really immerse myself in the fursona I have come to know through years of friendship between Zebrathingy and I. Punky Tiger has been created in many forms of costuming, from prosthetics to a full on fursuit head. This was created as a belated Xmas gift to him and I wanted to put my all into this.

After Stego color matched the base blue, I began the most painful part -- placing the stripes. The white muzzle and stripes were placed from the influence of previous incarnations, as well as the strict line work of a great anthro comic artist's tiger designs (with permission, of course). Because of the 2D nature of this webcomic, symmetry was never more important than for my wonderful friend's Wildgasmask KG1. His other designs are often paired with a blue punky wig, but I still like to take advantage of a full 360 canvas when dealing with hooded orders. The stripes along the zipper definitely keep with the toony comic look, even though the webcomic never really shows the back of these tiger characters' heads.

Hopefully I can get some convention/event photos since we got the color so closely matched to Rubberzebra's custom catsuit (made by Rubberzebra himself).Id say that I spent alot of time on this and even these studio photos can't do it justice.

Molded Gasmask created by: stego-s-aurus

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