Hi there! I'm Carrow Brisby, a 26-year-old field mouse. My main interests, aside from furry-related things, are music and film. I have a Twitter, too, so you may follow me on there if you so choose.

I have a strong interest in hypnosis, and I also RP, so if you would like to do that, my Telegram and Discord info is on my page. Please keep in mind that I am quite busy these days, and that hassling or bothering me about contacting you will lead me to not contact you at all.

I am also trying my hand at writing again so expect to see some more of that on this page in the future!



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Sessions with Carrow [Opening for Commissions!?]

on 15 April 2019 at 10:25:21 MDT

Hello! Haven't been here in a bit but I'd like to try something new.

So I've never really written on commission before. I did some longer projects previously but haven't opened in a good long while. So I'm doing short stories! What sort of short stories, you ask? Well...

They'll be centered around therapeutic hypnosis. I've been working on a redesign of my fursona and primary character Carrow Brisby. He's been a stage magician and hypnotist for a few years but has recently turned his attention to the art of hypnotherapy, What this means is that he's running a hypnosis clinic where he helps his clients relax and unwind with the use of his hypnotic abilities. Maybe with a little bit of magic and wish fulfilment thrown in here and there, it really depends on what particular clients want.

Carrow will be opening for sessions in the coming weeks. What this means for the potential client/commissioner is that a character of theirs/their choosing will be the subject of a story between 5 and 8 pages in length, in which they go to see the field mouse for help with a problem of theirs - a phobia or a mental health issue, for example - or simply to relax and let themselves go for a little while, or even to explore their kinks.

The sessions can be vanilla, suggestive or adult in nature. There will be sessions exploring topics that I may be unfamiliar with but will attempt to the best of my ability. If a session request concerns a topic that I find distasteful or too far outside my wheelhouse to attempt, I will decline the commission - my guess is that these cases will be rare as I am willing to try most things. My specialities include mind control, therapy, bondage, domination (with safe boundaries imposed and everything consensual), feet/paws, brainwashing and transformation, as well as straight-up hypnotism. There can be stage hypnosis elements added as well as Carrow has previous in that.

I'm not opening at the moment because I don't have a system for this that suits me, but the openings will be staggered and done in batches. Register your interest below if you'd like to book a session with my field mouse hypnotherapist, and I will post here again when all the (heh) kinks have been smoothed out and I'm ready to open. Thanks very much for reading - Carrow is looking forward to opening his practice officially within the next month.

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