Hi there! I'm Carrow Brisby, a 26-year-old field mouse. My main interests, aside from furry-related things, are music and film. I have a Twitter, too, so you may follow me on there if you so choose.

I have a strong interest in hypnosis, and I also RP, so if you would like to do that, my Telegram and Discord info is on my page. Please keep in mind that I am quite busy these days, and that hassling or bothering me about contacting you will lead me to not contact you at all.

I am also trying my hand at writing again so expect to see some more of that on this page in the future!



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Short Stories UPDATE July 2019

on 1 July 2019 at 12:43:17 MDT

would be fair to say my plan of one session story a week was a little on the ambitious side. Immediately after I started work on simon's commission, life decided to get in the way. Long story short, I'm moving out this week after a lot happened behind the scenes in the past two months (nothing bad, just life stuff), and this week I will be returning to Simon's commission and giving it another shot as it's been on my mind recently, I just haven't had time for the actual writing of it.

What does that mean for commissions? Well, I will be picking them back up this week. First on the docket is Simon, and then I have two more to do this month, listed below! Please be aware that my slots are booked for August (more on those in due course) but if you're interested in a story a little further down the line, please submit an idea here and I will get back to you once I'm able to do so.

I have also received commission pitches while all of this has been going on, and I will honour all of them - I just won't schedule them or ask for part payment until I at the very least have the first two aforementioned commissions out of the way. I will honour all commission pitches received unless they are ideas that contain watersports/scat, bestiality, sexual scenarios involving minors or non-consensual sex. I reserve the right to turn down any commission for whatever reason - if a session request concerns a topic that I find distasteful or too far outside my wheelhouse to attempt, I will decline it. That said, most ideas should be fair game.

Schedule for July 2019 is as follows:

  1. simon
  2. Snackcat (via FurAffinity)
  3. Claimed in the Google Docs form, I need to decide who actually goes here!

Those three will be the ones I do in July, and will provide an August update when I've got these three done with. Looking forward to getting back into writing! Thanks for your patience everyone!

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