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COM: MerMayHEM Scribbles: Page2! by carnival

COM: MerMayHEM Scribbles: Page2!


Carni: This time for Viscerabot, Mazinja, Luci~Liga and BuckYou

SUPER Adore Hellowitch's Lani character \8'3 my gosh! SUCH a cutie boople!

Ry: Ohhh my goodness yeah they are so pretty, and we don't get to see nearly enough characters with a third eye, it's super cool. (Also I only realized from looking at this picture that technically a three eyes character could wink would two eyes at once)

Carni: Some'more scrap-style Stickers for Viscerabot also always fun!

Ry: Such a long body, true to their tail and heck yes for tail thumbs up!!!

Luxanius Castus is eyes are super neat, looks like they have apeturing which is awesome
And Mazinja's Rio must hit like a truck if she weilds an achor as a weapon O.O


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Icecream Noodle © Viscerabot
Rio © Mazinja
Luxanius Argenti © Luci~Liga
Lani © BuckYou

Artwork by Erika V, May 2021