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COM: Mer'Maids ERRYwhere! by carnival

COM: Mer'Maids ERRYwhere!


Carni: Getting Heavy into the Mey'May Swing of things with Page 3 for Triggerbeast, Untitledspy brought to us by the lovely Hotspinner and makorivers

Combining the the Maid and Mermaid' thems both in the front-row with Triggers Mer'Moo~ ^_^

Ry: Awww heck yeah, combining the themes and they work so well. Adorable mermaid, maid ('333

Carni:Next along Hotspinner was SUPER sweet in gifting the lovely and effervescent Untitledspy a mer'version of their char!

Ry: And gosh don't they look wonderful, the colours in their tail and scales are so shiny and fancy, and their blue tipped nose is adorable ('333

Carni: And another super aquatic cutie with Mako in the corner!

Ry: Nomming their own tail, must have heard the tales of sharkfin having good texture and wanted to see if their fins held up XP

Carni: Thanks again everyone!


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Agnes © Triggerbeast
Untitledspy © Untitledspy brought to us by the lovely Hotspinner
Mako © makorivers

Artwork by Erika V, May 2021