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COM: GnoLLine Scribbles by carnival

COM: GnoLLine Scribbles


Carni: First of the MerMAY-Themed Scribbles!

Though as usual; Meltoria an wolfman74 hijacking the theme for more Siggity Soggity FUSIO'licious themes for the first page! X3

Ry: Hahaaaaaa, fusion for EVERY MONTH, merge all the months into one month and have thta month be fusion based!!!!

Carni: Was going for a 'dip into/through another characters liquid: and gaining a fusion of their markings' kind vibe |3

Ry: Yeah, kinda like how solutes diffuse between two bodies so too can Skyline diffuse into others in their liquidy state, suffusing them with their dragon-y colours and essense ^.=.^

Carni: Thanks again you two rogues! ♥️


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Skyline © Meltoria
Book Eater © Wolfman74

Artwork by Erika V, May 2021