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COM: MCF Scribbly Day 2 Page 2 by carnival

COM: MCF Scribbly Day 2 Page 2


Carni: And and UTTER LOVE-FEST for Page 2 of Day 2! ❤️💕

The ever-amazing Striker for STrRedWolf enjoying a Triple-cuppa! (.. .. I hope it's going 3-fold to all head?) 83

Ry: Ohh goodness, not getting split and just counting all three as having drunk three cups of ko-fi.... that is going to be one alert Striker O.O (Side note adoring the latex bodysuit on them, looks so cool and three neck lines to work with <3)

Carni: rickyking back again for s'more of their delightful Kobold chikki Relani! (....... whom I am a bit obsessed with making DUMMY thicccc it would seem~) XSSS

Ry: Wooooo Relani content, she is so pretty and heck yeah you give her thicc thighs, such a good trait to bestow ('333

Carni: Nyrnfang sweetly encouraging my new Mara not to be so shy of their Sabers ('3333 BUHHHH!! ❤️ ❤️

Ry: Awwww that is lovely, hard to be bashful when you've got such a friendly Nyrn there to cheer you on ^-^

Carni: Piecey with a smol 'Wood Dragon'

Ry: Ooo owl'sona, I haven't seen many of them, for some reason I keep imagining them just muncing upon that wooden dragon and I'm not sure why XS

Carni: Nova Embracing their Dog/Ox Chinese Zodiac-Hyrbid!

Ry: Ooooo yes, big ox/bull energy but with the roudning and fluffyness of canid influence they are looking super cool. Not fully sure what those blue eminations from their nose are?

Carni: And last, but not least, Ry ( Meltoria) and I appreciating the heck out of ALL of you for being SUCH great Stream-buddies!! ^______^

It's all of you whom honestly make every stream, every week, every day so bright, fun and inspiring~ ('3


Ry: You are all so amazing Holy heck it is SO much fun getting to meet and hang out with you all and see your wonderful characters and creations and soak in all of your amazing and fun idea's. It would not be anywhere near as nice without you all and so yeah, honestly we are so glad to have you all around to hang out with us. Keep being amazing <3 <3 <3

Carni + Ry: We appreciate you all from the very bottom of our hearts~! 💕


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Striker © STrRedWolf
Relani © rickyking
Nyrnfang © Nyrnfang
Piecy © PiecingBot
Nova © Nova Halvern
Skyline © Meltoria

Artwork, Carnival & Maara by Erika V, Feb 2021