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COM: MCF Scribbly Day 3 Page 1 by carnival

COM: MCF Scribbly Day 3 Page 1


Carni: And for Day 3, kicking off with Zephyr_Wolfeh, Piecy, TriggerBeast and Ramzkun back again for Triple'whammy!
and.. HECK. THO (3
When Ramz mixes it up with TypeRyu gosh don't they get ALL MANNERS of unstable-mutant-fusion-Goopy! ❤️
-Especially if there is any amount of Icecream involved I hear! X3
A sight for sure! (>

Ry: Holy heck I love this design, so much goopy amorphousness accentuated by the many many maw's that sprount form all over their body due to their constantly shifting form. It so perfectly encapulates the amorphopus nature I adore and I totally want to see/get more art like this in the future nodsnodsnods yesyes Is excited ('33333

Carni: Triggers Bovine Lassie just in time for the Chinese New year of the Metal Ox! ❤️

Ry: Awwwww she is super cute, fancy Chinese themed attire and that epic coin. She seems super friendly and her hoffy fingers and purple colouration are great ('D

Carni: Zeph embodying my fave element 'uncut Smiley Dogface' X3
(..this will be the title of my memoire, I cam almost certain!) X33

Ry: Ahhh the good stuff, but honestly it is really good, such firect excitement, shiny dogbone collar and general cuteness what's not to like? ^.^

Carni: And a larger piece for Piecy of their chars Auric Runa and Blobby!

Ry: Ooooo this is really nice. Auric Runa (The bemused wolf) looks fantastic. Those glowing markings are really well done and their fur and genral bodyshape I think are super great, don't get to see enough feral bodytypes being comfy (Honestly we can always use more of any bodytypes being comfy).

And Blobby the ghost is such an exciteable bean, they are trying their best not to be obtrusive but their nature seems to be getting the better of them and they can't help but be excited when they notice the Auric Runa is awake XD

Carni: Was going for a 'ghostie-pal floating around their wolf in a stream-of thought-reactions' (>
..and they change colour depending on their mood and emotional state!

Ry: Ooo neat, that explains the shifting ^.^

Carni: Had so much fun with that! ❤️ :D

THANKS again for buying everyone &
Last few orders will be worked off next stream! ^_______^

Ry: Woooo, looking forward to them ^,.,^

Carni: And keep an eye-out for the March Schedule coming soon too!


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Zephyr © Zephyr_Wolfeh
Auric Runa & Blobby © Piecy
Happy Moo © TriggerBeast
Ramzyuu/TypeRyu © Ramzkun & Miri

Artwork by Erika V, Feb 2021