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COM: MCF Scribbly Day 1 Page 3 by carnival

COM: MCF Scribbly Day 1 Page 3


Carni: Aaaah GADZ! \X'333 I. AM. WAY TOO HAPPY with a recently adopted design from a fellow Facebook user! (the new Green Alien-Saber cutie here!)

Their adoption-name is Mara, and that shall remain a place-holder for now.

They are going to be the very first pioneer in observing a new fictional sex (outside of M, F and Intersex) and their life experience growing up has left them a self-conscious bean. (..not to mention being BRIGHT green and have large saber-fangs doesn't help with their shyness X3)

I INTENDE. TO DRAW. THEM MOAR 83333 (and will have to get a revitalised Ref-sheet together some time too!) ^^

Ry: Ohhh my goodness the fabric on their clothes is amazing and they are super cute and bashful eeeeeee. Glad you are liking your new character so much and shall look forward to future art with them in it ('3

Also my goodness that scratchy overaffection in the bottom right XP

Carni: Also SUPER ADORE strawberryoni INCREDIBLY SWEET Canid-pair up in the top-right too ('3333 WAY TOO CUTE. MY GOSH!

Ry: Awwwww, nose aboops with matching blem's. So cute <3

Carni: Some more Salina for TriggerBeast

Ry: Woah full shark mouth on that top scoop, their little body can barely contain that much deliciousness XD

Carni: And a new Kobold getting a design-lift for rickyking also! ^

Ry: Ooooo very pretty hair and striping, also heck yes for thighs and meaty tails ('33333


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Naomi © strawberryoni
Frankie © hyperiontrash
Salina © TriggerBeast
Relani © rickyking

Artwork, Carnival & Mara by Erika V, Feb 2021


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    haha I like that shark with ice-cream!

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      Can't enjoy that underwater-as much! X'3