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COM: MCF Scribbly Day 1 Page 1 by carnival

COM: MCF Scribbly Day 1 Page 1


24 February 2021 at 18:59:40 MST

Carni: Kicked off the weekend with a hECKin' buncha cuties for able01, Viscerabot (via a Character fusion between their noodle-snek and my Stainless!) and a new Monky-Snek gun-slinger for Mazinja!

Ry: Ooooo awesome all hybrids and fusions on this page. Abluesuit's Nano & Ableace fusion in the bottom right is rocking that great multi eyed fusion aesthetic, with all the hair and arms to match them ('3

Noodless (As the portmantoe that my brain has landed on), the combination of Icecream Noodle and Stainless in the bottom left is adding even more fluffyness and pink to Noodles already pink fluffy lovelyness, and just htat hint of extra excitment in her eyes, probably at the prospect of making others happy I would imagine ^.=.^

Also hekc yes for Mazinja's new Monkey-snake hybrid they look like such a badass Sheriff, all the danger of serpentine ranger mixed with the general badass anthro-ness of their monkey half. Looks hekkin cool I like em ^-^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Nano & Ableace fusion © able01
IcecreamNoodle © Viscerabot
Iron Monkey/Snake hybrid © Mazinja

Artwork by Erika V, Feb 2021