Paladin of Light by CarefreeGrizzly

Paladin of Light


19 March 2014 at 20:56:58 MDT

Another concept, this time a paladin for my friend, Taryn C:

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    This makes me excited for the female Crusader coming out for Diablo 3 in just a matter of days... I love non-scantily clad armored women. <3 Scantily clad women warriors are just begging to be stabbed otherwise, haha.

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      yesss, hahaha. Seriously I'm always happy when women have like, actual armor. It makes me feel good and makes me be like 'yeah that's right! We're capable of wearing actual armor and not just bikini kind of toppings with leather and fur 'and all that jazz to seriously pack a punch and deal a good blow. Also it reminds me of the game that will be coming out called Child of Light. I think you might really like that! It's only going to be 10 dollars and it looks amazing~

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        Yeah, the female Crusader is basically going to be a Wall of Steel, I can't wait to play as one (and I rarely play as females.. except in Mass Effect, because FemShep is just so much better). Also she has The Major's voice from Ghost in the Shell, so I'm going to have my volume all the way up and listen to all of her dialogue.

        Seriously, look at how badass she is:

        Aaaanyway! That looks awesome, I'll keep my eye on its development. :)

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          oh man!!!! The fact that she's voiced by the Major from GiTS already has me hooked hahaha. I'm definitely gonna be watching clips on youtube when they come out hahah, or hopefully anyways~ I seriously can't wait for Child of Light :D The trailer for it looks splendid, and admittedly I love these kinds of games. I don't know if you're into them a lot but, there's this one really great online game made by D-Sun called Armed With Wings. It's a trilogy (Though I heard he came out with a fourth game I've yet to play) and it's pretty rocking! The style is really cool, too.

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            I'll be sure to pass on all the juicy details when I can. :) Glad you know who I'm talking about, though! I'll take a look at the others that you mentioned, I certainly am interested. Keep me in the loop if anything interesting comes out news-wise.