Eagle's Eye by CarefreeGrizzly

Eagle's Eye


19 March 2014 at 20:54:30 MDT

Concept Archer design for my friend :D

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    You've got lovely armor designs, where do you find the inspiration for them?

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      Thank you! I got a lot mostly from like, tutorials on dA and google images to get a feel for what kind of different armors are out there you know? Also Skyrim and Dragon Age helps a lot! I know for the most part I tend to be very repetitive with them, especially when it comes to warrior designs- but for this one in particular my friend is a huge fan of the bearded vulture so i tried to incorporate some of it into the design :)

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        Have you ever seen the (supposed) FF14: ARR PvP armors? http://i.imgur.com/GvnSSzi.jpg I love how well they're animal themed and such, but that's really cool of you to factor in that part of your friend's interests!

        Mm, I should really ask you for something tiger themed... dreams

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          Ahh I never did, no! But oh man, I'm so in love with that lion one, and the snake is pretty nifty too! Heck, any of Final Fantasy's armor designs are pretty epic lol And hey, by all means xD Once I Get this last batch of requests done who knows what I'll start doin next lol

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            The lion one almost made me re-sub to the game, but... I don't think those armors ever actually came out. :s The concepts were incredible though. Haha, well, okay... I'd like to send a little payment your way somehow if possible though, but everyone really loves the lion you did for me. I'll wait until you're finished with the current crop and see what's up.