The clown dress curse 2 by Capoman16

The clown dress curse 2


4 September 2015 at 07:36:17 MDT

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Months later, Laura was cleaning her closet when she found an orange box with a big purple bow on the top, she didn't remember where she got that how what was inside so she took a look, inside was a huge white polka dot red dress, she shocked because she never could buy a really silly-looking dress but then she remembered that the dress came with a cute pink purse she wanted and was on offer, so she gave the dress to Sofia but she didn't remember why she got so mad when she gave the dress.

Looking closer the dress she got a strange idea: test it, she never would test a dress like that but for some reason... she wanted that, so she used the dress and looked at the mirror, she considered that the dress looks great on her but with a few modifications she could wear that without shame, but suddenly the dress glows and clown makeup appears on her face, big white gloves, at big bow on her head, silly shoes and a lipstick that made her lips huge, she was shock but after see her on the mirror she thought that she doesn't look bad with clown makeup and her huge lips makes her more sexy, she did a little smile but then the smile became a big silly smile that can't stop to do that.

Instead of being shocked she actually like that, thinking that doesn't look so bad on her, after a while of making poses as she sees on the mirror she considers that is time to take off the dress but when she tried her belly expanded huge with a silly smiley clown on her belly, fitting and tightening her body making her very pregnant, she shocked but when she saw her reflection on the mirror she can't help herself of make joke about how silly she looks and laugh, and with that made her belly ever more bigger, looking heavily pregnant; She now remember why Sofia got mad at her about the dress, but she considers that her friend was overreacting since she thinks that isn't so bad, she decides to keep the dress for a while after all she knows how to back to normal but for now she enjoys being a big silly clown mother, keeping that as a secret.

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