Stuff of my basement. the sisters of fertility by Capoman16

Stuff of my basement. the sisters of fertility


5 September 2015 at 15:10:00 MDT

I found three statues where I left the table with hippo statue, they are three women with exaggeratedly large parts: one with huge breasts, one with a giant butt and the other with a huge belly, when I clean them I noticed that they lacked something for the holes that seems to it could fit something, cleaning the basement I found a small box with several gems, green, red and blue, and compared them with holes and fits, and suddenly they glowed and from the statue came out three spirits, with exaggerated figures of the statues.

They presented themselves as sisters of fertility and as a reward for having freed, they would bless me but because I am a guy just steal them and use my body as a vessel to reincarnate but as there is only one body and then they had a fight after the fight and several talks I convinced them not to steal my body but to rent it and which I would control my body, they accepted, and now one of them reincarnated on me for a week and at the end of the week will be the turn of the next sister and so but it was a big mistake because I change into the sister reincarnated on my body, giving me their exaggerated bodies, but at least they pay me a huge amount of money.

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