The mirror of the amazons by Capoman16

The mirror of the amazons


26 August 2015 at 12:20:54 MDT

Aaron comes back to the Stroff's mansion to defeat the Duchess Stroff but after a while exploring he didn't find her, and suddenly he heard a voice, thinking that is her he gone to the room where he thought is where the voice comes from but there was nothing, just before left he heard the voice again but this time from behind the cloth and he takes it off revealing a huge and strange mirror, but then Aaron felt strange like filled so he looked down and saw his belly growing, before he could react to that from his chest began to grow boobs, his bottom gets bigger and his clothes changes into a leopard skin leather amazon outfit, her belly grew huge as the mirror shines more, Aaron turned into a very pregnant amazone girl, on the mirror appears a strange entity that said she was chosen to repopulate the amazon tribu.

After the entity disappears Aaron runs to the exit, holding her huge pregnant belly, she hopes that Vanessa could help her, or atleast make a proper clothes for her.

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