Hello everyone,

My name is Caity, I am a 24 year old woman from Ontario, Canada. My current goal is to become a talented artist in digital, traditional, and photography media. A few things about me, I went to school for Horticulture studies, and know a fair bit about plants and animals respectively. One of my biggest passions aside from nature and art is music, I gotta have it with me at all times to keep things flowing. I am currently accepting commissions, so feel free to contact me about that.


  • I currently do streams on Picarto.TV @JujuStreams - Times are announced on my Inkbunny and Twitter account.


  • Status: OPEN
  • Price Range: 10-35$ (CDN)
  • Payment: PayPal Only
  • NSFW Commissions: OPEN

Weasyl Forum Username - CaityJuju
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Poor Start To 2018

on 14 January 2018 at 15:41:37 MST

I've been absent from social media for the past 2 weeks dealing with a horrendous break-up with a man I thought was going to be the one for me. He left me on new years for no reason but his own personal issues and refused to work things out with me.

This came as a shock as I thought the relationship was fine, we were happy and everything was going smoothly. Guess I didn't know him as well as I thought, and now all his friends know how much of an a** he really is.

On from that, I made him a piece of art for Christmas of his car. I put in an insane amount of time just researching the vehicle he drove so I could draw the piece perfectly. He ended up giving it away to his uncle. So it now is no longer considered a gift as he chose to give it to someone else, so now I'm fighting to get the piece returned to me in exchange for one of the gifts he gave me, and money if I have to pay for it back.

The piece in question was the Chevy Malibu hand-drawn colored sketch seen in the link below:

I just want it returned safely as I'm the only one who appreciates it now, and I'm the rightful creator of this piece. No idea what'll happen, but I'm fighting for it to be returned.

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Digital Art

Digital Package
from C$ 35.00
to C$ 45.00
Full Body
from C$ 15.00
to C$ 25.00
from C$ 10.00
to C$ 20.00
Line Art
C$ 5.00
Reference Sheet
from C$ 15.00
to C$ 25.00

Headshot - Head-Only view of the desired character.
Medium Shot - Waist-Up view of the desired character.
Reference Sheet - Full layout design of your character.
Line Art - Detailed outline of your character, not colored.

Digital Package - Head Shot, Ref Sheet, Full Body - Regular 40$ | On Sale For 35$ + FREE LINE ART!

Payment accepted through PayPal Only. All prices are in Canadian Currency.


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