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Trepidation by Caelan (critique requested)

Trepidation (critique requested)


23 November 2015 at 17:42:12 MST

Another illustration from my Firebloods project; Thearen overlooks the city with a mixture of anxiety and longing.

Prints of this and more of my work from the last year are currently available through my Kickstarter, only until December 1st!

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    Lovely work! What goes on in the city? 0:

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      Thearen has a complicated relationship with the capitol and with humanity in general.
      In Firebloods, dragons are capable of shapeshifting into a human form, though it is a learned skill... and a taboo to other dragons, mostly. Humans in the current era aren't really aware of this ability outside of myth, and so a couple of dragons in the story have slipped into human society and live partially or wholly there, for various reasons. Thearen was left in the care of one such person at an early age, taught to shift, and thus raised mostly in human society but always knowing he was not natural to it, that all the people around him would only see him as a feral creature if they knew. He ran away when he was a bit older and has been drifting back and forth between the wilderness and human civilization since then, not quite able to fully integrate into either.
      So it's this city in which he was raised, and that capitol building on the hill, where he knows the person who raised him still lives. And that foster parent is someone he both cares for and resents.

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        Ohh wow. He's kind of an outcast in both worlds then? The dragons feel kinda euugh about disguising as a human, but the humans all know him as a human rather than a dragon and might get upset if they knew. Sounds familiar, bwahaha!

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          Yeah, pretty much! And it's exacerbated by being one of those things where a lot of it is in your head, judging oneself before others get the chance to and such.