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Welcome to my profile page! I'm Bukephalos, a friendly demisexual tinker stud.
I'm always happy to chat n stuff. Drop me a note or a comment if you want. I try to answer asap~ I don't do RPs though and I don't use Skype anymore. ^^;

My main account is on FurAffinity:
Account on FurryNetwork

Commission Information

☆ You can always ask me for commissions! I gladly let you know if you can have a slot! Just send me a note!
☆ If I have too many commissions at a time, I'll let you know immediately when I have open slots again.
☆ Prices and TOS:

If you have any questions about my "will draw" and "won't draw", feel free to ask. I don't bite. ;-)

My characters

Ref Sheet of Bukephalos (Tinker Stud) :

Ref Sheet of Calder (Norse Dragon) :

Ref Sheet of Kim (Cheetah) : in progress

If you want to draw my characters, please ask me first. I propably say "yes" anyways, but I would like to know what kind of picture you have in mind. That's all. ;-) And please link back to me as the creator of the characters, if you made a drawing and you have to tell me, because I want to fav it. Haha~ Thankies~

Latest Journal

Fur Affinity, Login problems

on 25 May 2016 at 07:21:48 MDT

FurAffinity had to reset all passwords after their source code got stolen. I'm one of many who are not able to log in to their accounts at the moment. I really hope that the support team will answer my mail I've sent two days ago with further instructions, cause I really need and want to get back to my main account. :(

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Joined 2 April 2016

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    i love horses c: horses and horse accessories. my sona's part horse as well. but yesh i hope yer havin' a nice day ^^

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      Thanks for your reply! :D Horses are great~ Thank you so much! Have a great day, too!!! ^w^

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    well they are awesome drawings and they are pretty hot so of course i will follow ;P

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      Yay~ Thanks again! Much appreciated. :D