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Welcome to my profile page! I'm Bukephalos, a friendly demisexual tinker stud.
I'm always happy to chat n stuff. Drop me a note or a comment if you want. I try to answer asap~ I don't do RPs though and I don't use Skype anymore. ^^;

My main account is on FurAffinity:
Account on FurryNetwork

Commission Information

☆ You can always ask me for commissions! I gladly let you know if you can have a slot! Just send me a note!
☆ If I have too many commissions at a time, I'll let you know immediately when I have open slots again.
☆ Prices and TOS:

If you have any questions about my "will draw" and "won't draw", feel free to ask. I don't bite. ;-)

My characters

Ref Sheet of Bukephalos (Tinker Stud) :

Ref Sheet of Calder (Norse Dragon) :

Ref Sheet of Kim (Cheetah) : in progress

If you want to draw my characters, please ask me first. I propably say "yes" anyways, but I would like to know what kind of picture you have in mind. That's all. ;-) And please link back to me as the creator of the characters, if you made a drawing and you have to tell me, because I want to fav it. Haha~ Thankies~

Latest Journal

Fur Affinity, Login problems

FurAffinity had to reset all passwords after their source code got stolen. I'm one of many who are not able to log in to their accounts at the moment. I really hope that the support team will answer my mail I've sent two days ago with further instructions, cause I really need and want to get back to my main account. :(

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    i love horses c: horses and horse accessories. my sona's part horse as well. but yesh i hope yer havin' a nice day ^^

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      Thanks for your reply! :D Horses are great~ Thank you so much! Have a great day, too!!! ^w^

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    well they are awesome drawings and they are pretty hot so of course i will follow ;P

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      Yay~ Thanks again! Much appreciated. :D