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Lazew Diu / Male / Canada

"before me, only endless things were made. And I too shall endure without an end."


*Banner image:lazew doodle drawn by Mr.Boogieman (thanks a millions)
Unlike a typical genderless crux, he has a male genitalia... with 9 foreskin dick tentacles.
Composes and creates illbiant drone(dark ambiant) music, also loves photography.
Playful, likes crude bitter humour, can take jokes quite well, loves to tinker around with anything electrical.
May not appear bright at first sight, a wise talk will turn your opinions into dust.
Loves the horror and macabre, can be a bit sad but usually gets happy real quick and remain that way for a good while.
He has some rather strange kinks. some might cause for you to not even want anything to do with him sexually.


Crux Dark Citadel
Fur Affinity
Second Life

Latest Journal

Built me an art table

Here's to hope i'll be more tempted to get productive, the skill of building furniture with good scrap wood served me quite well. anyway. expect a lot less digitally reworked screengrabs. and much more traditional artwork. I have also been in the process of building myself a new pc, the synthesizer project is still ongoing. i am just recently getting more and more parts to built it all up. it takes so long to get orders in for parts. hoping to finish the fursuit someday yet again lol. heh i just have high levels of doubt anyone will even bother with what i create. i'll stick to pleasing my own craves first. people are just so strange these days.

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