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A Party at Kilroy's Castle by BudgieBin (critique requested)

A Party at Kilroy's Castle (critique requested)


20 April 2018 at 16:22:59 MDT

It looks like there's a party at kilroy kilroy's place! It seems he's missing a few important details about tea parties (sticks and leaves don't exactly make a good brew), but I wonder where he got such a nice costume? He's got his priorities in order, though. You should always look your best when hosting important guests!

This Super Mario-themed commission was part of a limited palette challenge! It's one of the commissions I picked up back in March, right before I got hit with a truly horrendous bout of stomach flu. This one was very improvised; I started with a basic prompt, then grew the concept and composition organically as I progressed. The crayon Bowser was based heavily from his appearance in Yoshi's Wooly World.

Limited color work can be difficult when you have a complicated scene. My original palette, selected from the Zephyr list, only had 5-6 colors, so I had to add brown and a second yellow to create a less saturated, more balanced palette. This means that Bowser's orange color had to become pink, and the blue gems on Peach's dress became green.

I'm happy with this piece, and I'm glad to finally be able to cross it off my list. Back to the grind on Monday. x3

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    LOL, that's hilarious.

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      awesome, glad you think so xD

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    I'm not sure I would trust those cupcakes either, even if they do look delicious :9
    I absolutely love this, and it's definitely in line with what a goofball like him might do!