So I'm still in college working on my degree here in the city, but that still doesn't mean I go buck wild when I get back to the good old mountains. Pretty much suck at drawing, well at least I think I do. Decent at coloring stuff, and well I've been told I can write pretty good so maybe just maybe I'll get ambitious and write something. I pretty much enjoy being outside all the time either fishing with my beautiful doe, camping with friends, or lounging in the hammock reading a book. So yeah that's basically me in a nut shell.

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Excited for the weekend!

on 4 March 2014 at 15:04:26 MST

Super excited about this weekend. My furry buddy and best friend in the entire world is coming down to spend the weekend with me! Super excited because I have not seen him for almost a year and it will be good to catch up with him. It is also funny when we go out to places because people think that we are a couple and they look like an ass when we tell them that I am straight and he is gay and we both take offense to that. Oh how dumb some people can be. It's also kind of aggravating that people assume that if two guys are together and one of them is gay that the other is automatically gay. Also probably going to be trashed all weekend long since I get a txt form him saying "Buy lots of vodka and all kinds!" Good thing most of the people in my res hall are going home for spring break as I don't think they could handle a drunk off their ass wolf and buck! :)

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    Thank you for the faves, how are things going?

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    And thank ya for the faves, I did most definitely have an excellent time~

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    Thank you for the favorites, how have things been?

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      Busy. Been searching for teaching jobs and got my old job back at the restaurant. I have also been looking for a place to rent and plan on moving out of my parents house in the next couple of months. Hoping to start moving in July.

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    Thank you for the favorites, and btw have you checked out my youtube vids?

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      you have youtube vids? Sorry been a little busy with school lately so I must have missed them, but will def. check them out!

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    Thank you for the favorites, should be having a bunch of new stuff coming this week. ~~

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    Thank you; hope your cold passes. ~~