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Brothejr on deviantART (Main site) and Fur Affinity. (I've got others, but nothing I've posted stuff to.)

I like to write stories that typically feature some sort of transformational aspect and/or weird aspect. However, I've also written D&D stuff, horror, Sci-Fi, and whatever else catches my attention. Plus, I've been known to commission a piece or two from time to time. (I do have the urge to do that soon.)

Also I've finally created a fursona whose name is Holly. Shi is a hermaphrodite platinum fox. (I couldn't decide which gender to make my fursona so I chose both!)

Please note: when I follow an artist here on Weasy, I hit both follow and friend. While I have gossiped with many people over in FA and here, I cannot remember everyone I met. So I friend everyone. If you want to be my friend, just accept the request. If you don't want to be my friend, then don't accept the request. I'm not put off by that nor do I need a reason why. (If you're that put upon by my friend request, why not simply friend me and see what happens. I.E. nothing bad.) I'm not trying to be pushy or rude. I'm just being friendly. It's up to you if you want to be my friend.



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    thank you for the follow! :3

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      You are very welcome. I follow you on your other pages, might as well follow you here as well.

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        ah, yes, ive seen. thank you for those too!

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    Thank you for following, and the friend request as well~ :3

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      You are very welcome my friend! :)

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    Hello! You sent me a friend request, but I don't actually recognise your name; how do I know you?

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      We may have met in a chat room, but I click on that at the same time as I follow someone. Figure if I'm going to follow them, I might as well be a friend too.

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        Eh, no offense but I only accept friend requests from people I know personally.