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Taking Requests

Commissions are pretty slow and I am not as active here as I wanna be, so I am offering free art as a way to keep me busy. I will not guarantee a time of completion on anything as I will be working on these in my spare time but I figure it will be a good way to relax on my slow nights. Level of completion can range from sketches to paintings as it will be entirely based on what I am feeling. I do work ranging from characters to landscapes, clean art and porn.

Contact me via Messages please as I will not be making a list, this will be first come first served basis.

I only ask that you are patient and cordial, and preferably over 18 if you are asking for porn related art.

I do not kink-shame but if I am uncomfortable drawing what you ask I will let you know so we can work out something else. My absolute Will Not Draw restrictions are Rape, Cub, Bestiality, and Scat/Vomit.

I am posting this journal on my FA account as well, so please do not ask for art on both sites unless you are wanting something different.

Thank you!

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Character, 1-5 Hours
from $ 25.00
to $ 50.00
Character, 5-10+ Hours
from $ 50.00
to $ 120.00
add  Character
from $ 15.00
to $ 75.00


Character, Basic
from $ 5.00
to $ 20.00
Character, Colored
from $ 10.00
to $ 35.00
Character, Shaded
from $ 15.00
to $ 45.00
add  Character
from $ 3.00
to $ 25.00



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    Yo! Long-timey no-typey! :B
    How have things been for you??? 8D

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      Things have been okay, just overloaded with school and work haha @ ^@ How are you doing?

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        Fine, fine... had some serious life-changing events occur over the past few years! Unwelcome change for the most part... mostly involving cancerous death of close family members. :( Making the best out of the worst of it though! Trying to live by the whole "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" philosophy.

        As it turns out, I suddenly thought of Charlie (your fox-guy) a little while earlier... just as randomly as ever! Maybe something to do with that one story I wrote? I dunno. Anyways, I figured I'd check in to see what's up, since I've hardly kept in contact lately! (slaps wrist shamefully) XP

        Its so nice to hear from you again though! :3 Sounds like life has been keeping you rather busy, no doubt? I know the steps to that particular tango all too well...

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          Aw man sorry to hear that :( Glad to hear you are still looking forward and up though! Hopefully the good stuff that is happening will help you keep going as well :)

          And d'aw, I miss drawing my old OC's ; v; They all need some serious revamping though. All my old art of them is so rough and ugly aaaaajnbvcxfty

          And yeah, life has been really busy this year! Big life changes going on for me as well, though on my end they are positive and very much needed T vT

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    Thanks for the watch! ^^

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    Sup Mongoose bro ;P

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      Whaaaaat a fellow mongoose dude who is also in SoCal YOOOOOO