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Rosemary and twine (Speedpaint in description) by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Rosemary and twine (Speedpaint in description) (critique requested)


Speedpaint video;

Redbubble ;

I thought it looked nice enough to put on redbubble. I'm trying to put more stuff on there.
I really need to work on rosemary more often , she is one of my favorites so far. I named her after one of my favorite herbs , which has both very lovely leaves and flowers with it and some special meaning behind it. This character appears in a batim fan comic of mine but she was kind of her own thing. Bendy and the ink machine provided some inspiration for her life and story. Her whole name is Rosemary Godfread , I'm planning on doing more with her in a later story. Her story delves into the relationship between creator and creation , and ones own existence. She is also an unwilling participant in this journey.

She likes cartoons and comics , is really good at folding paper , and has a very uncanny eye for things and infallible recall. The most bizarre things find attraction in her. Sh likes to hid snacks in her hat and if you win her over she will give you some. Hates bitter chocolate.
I adore her pallet as well , powder blue and brown being one of my top color combinations. I made this from a traditional sketch and went off from there.

made in clip studio paint pro


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    ahh i love her eyes, she kind of reminds me of a deer? the little pops of blue both on the border and in her outfit tie it together really well, imo! ALSO IM DYING its so cute that she hides treats in her hat! her story seems intruiging as well, it would be interesting to see what you do with her :~0 the connection one can form with ones own creations can really be surprising sometimes, i love the little things you discover about yourself in the process. it can be a profoundly meaningful thing! aside from that, it goes without saying that she's an all around really charming character and im really fond of her already even though this is my first time seeing her.

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      Thank you very much! Never realized it but now that you mention it, Rosemary does come off as pretty deer like ,doesn't she? I thought it would be cute to add the snack stashing for her, like a human squirrel. She is ready for a snack emergency! Not all heroes where capes...Sometimes they hide candy in their hats. I am happy you find her charming and I hope you like what I have in store for her.