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Delightfully Diluted by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Delightfully Diluted (critique requested)


19 May 2018 at 14:57:56 MDT

Chapter 4 comes out this Saturday. I am so excited for it. To add on to that ,all of the previous chapters are getting an update.

Decided to draw Alice, the chapter relies heavily around her so why not. Might be her last chapter in some fashion as well. I did another stylized version if her ,with an attempt at an ink wash.I wanted to make it look like she was dripping at the bottom but it turned into spider legs. Appropriate for "Alice" but not quite what I was going for. Ink washes are pretty fun ,like painting water colors cept they are more permanent. I tried some splatters too.

Materials used :
Speedball Indian ink
Deleter maru nib and holder
Canson mixed media paper
Watercolor paint brush

Alice angel , bendy and the ink machine belongs to themeatlygames


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    She's very cute in your style!

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    Looks good. Don't be afraid to draw in legs or background. The hands are in there and look great