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Sweet Juli paint attempt by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Sweet Juli paint attempt (critique requested)


I tried the lineless painting thing again. Last I remember, I did it with Q-bee and Padparacha before. I wanted to make a painted version of this Not sure how well it turned out but I feel like I am getting better. I made this in Krita , really like the colors and brushes in that program, for some reason I tend to prefer watercolor brushes the most. I like how the lily of the valley arcs , did you guy know that they sometimes come in pink? I learned of that the other day. They are so pretty!…: and…: I really like Juli-su's color pallet. Something about purple's and pinks just really works for me.

Juli-su belongs to sega and the sonic archie comics.

made in krita


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    It's got a pretty good start, but it could really use some darker values. One thing to try might be to make a layer over top of what you already have so you can do what's called 'overpainting'. I played around with it just a little to experiment and found that just taking the color you used for her eyelashes, turning it slightly more towards red rather than pink, and a touch lighter, I was able to get a nice browish color that complemented well, then with a brush with a soft edge, but not too much spread, turned down to around 35% opacity or so, I zoomed out to about 50-75 % and just started building up some more shadows, both soft and hard in places like corners and under the jaw, places where things over lap, like along the edge of her hair sitting on her forehead. With this one color alone, I was able to add even a bit more color variation and depth fairly quickly. And since she has a lot of 'red' tones to her, between the orange in her muzzle and the pink of her base color, I took some slightly bluish grey and built up some shadows on her eyes as well, under the eyelid and painted like a sphere. Then a bluish, either close to true blue or a more teal blue, can be lightly painted over the blacks and gray highlights of her vest to liven up the black.

    I hope you don't mind. It was easier for me to decide what would work to help with fleshing this out better by playing with it myself.
    This is what I got with messing around for about 20 minutes to half an hour, mostly using just the pinkish-brown I obtained from playing with the color of her lashes:

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      Huh,These are realy good suggestions I didn't think of using in my approach. Thank you. I am still new to digital art, with me only really doing it for about two years. It is always good to get help. I like your example , i don't mind you showing me what you mean , sometimes one can tell better than they can show a person. I will see if I can add more to the work with more of your input in mind. Thank you very much. ^^

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        Well, looks like you are already building up a pretty good foundation. ^.^ I remember how tricky it was to switch to doing things with a tablet, on a screen at first, after being so used to using physical media. Looking up tutorials on things you are not sure about is a good way to pick up tips and tricks early on, and things that will make the work process easier and more efficient. I often still try out things I find in tutorials, even though I've been working with digital art programs for something like 12 years. Haha. Sometimes they are just fun to do as well, and even if you don't ultimately end up using that technique for your own work, there are things that can still be gained from having tried it.