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Classy lil' flapper (Speedpaint) by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Classy lil' flapper (Speedpaint) (critique requested)


18 January 2018 at 16:26:20 MST

Video can be seen here:

I want to get one speed paint and one comic page done a week or every two weeks. I want to make a scheduled so I can get to everything I want and need to do.
The greatest enemy of this speed paint was my damn camera batteries. I thought the days of my battery run cd player were over,started to get some flashbacks from then. Whats worse was I didn't get a chance to get new batteries...I had to use a bunch of dying ones and a damn tripod that I clearly don't know how to use to make this happen! I wanted this to be quick because I had other things to do, but everything fought me.Even my light grey started to die on my, ready to cry about that. But it was so worth it.

It's my take on Betty Boop. She may dress scantily but she is a classy gal. She was even a dentist. A terrible one but still certified. I am always learning something new about cartoons and animation. It makes me appreciate them more. I hate to sound like that guy and I am well aware of why; but I wish we still animated the same way we did with the earlier cartoons. So fluid and full of character. It seems like a lot of animation (Not all but alot) has downgraded compared to its earlier roots. I find that ironic. Her dress was inspired by this one: , there were some elements of others I added along with my own personal touches.

Betty Boop belongs to Fleischer Studios. ( I wish they would make cartoons again but I am scared of how they would turn out in modern day.)