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Reddit vs TUMBLR by BlueNire

Reddit vs TUMBLR


14 April 2014 at 00:02:13 MDT


This is how I feel about these two websites.

If you happen to re-post this anywhere, this is the only situation where I beg you to be so kind as to NOT REFERENCE ME AS THE ARTIST!

Reddit will find me and kill me in my sleep.

Thank you.

(Weird how I still am in this giant art-block and this is the only thing that's come out of it so far haha!)

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    So true. That's really kind of the internet in a nutshell. And as bad as the misogynists get, sometimes the Tumblr set really does make me embarrassed to be MtF.

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      Yep! I just really don't like the hate all around..... Thank you for taking a look and the reply!! :D

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    This picture is SO true! I will be honest and say I will never use Tumblr and Reddit. I just never understood why are those two sites even popular.

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      I only use reddit for my keto-diet things but sometimes I'll see something and I'll click on it and...
      I'll really really regret reading the REST of reddit. >.<

      As far as Tumblr goes, I'd say 80% of the times it's just pretty pictures, and humorous gifs/videso which I'm totally okay with, but the rest is .......yeah..

      Lots of hate going around. :(

      I guess I just thought it was kinda really interesting how they're opposites in a way.

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        Yeah, I stick with the cute pictures of kittycats and lulsy gifs and try to stay away from the LOL CIS HATE corner as best I can. Kinda depressing that that even exists. :/
        I'm trying so hard to find a post that I was gonna share and it just doesn't seem to exist anymore, fff-

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    Fffffft yesss xD

    I'm a regular at tumblr since most of the Transformers fandom concentrates there (or on dA, which I really dislike), and yes, I definitely see this pic and feel it's accuracy =w=

  • Link's like im actually back on there.
    This represents them so well.

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    Can pretty comfortably say that the Reddit side is accurate as hell. :T I keep to a very specific few subreddits and even when I run into this sort of stupidity.

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    Omg this is fantastic.

    Apparently I'm like the only person on Tumblr that hasn't seen any hate? I see reactions to the hate but I never see the actual hate XD I guess I'm just lucky.

    But yeah I avoid Reddit like the plague. And it's funny because people have tried to "convert" me so many times.

    Though I gotta say....take out the use "cis-scum" and I'd take my side pretty fast lol

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    Wow, spot-on. GOOD JOB NIRE!

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    Very very true.
    I've never gone farther than getting my toes wet on Reddit when someone links something from it... and tumblr has some real "gems" all around. Apparently for some people the concept of "not being a jerk" does not compute well.

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    The most unfortunate cases always seem to be the loudest.
    Also, this reminded me of tumblr+FA: :>

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    both unique, and equally awful

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    yes pretty much

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    Accurate !

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    Also add the fact that it's nigh impossible for me to upload my photos on tumblr - I have to upload to instagram, and get them to share it to tumblr for me :( - And that's it in a nutshell. I'm grateful for how much I've learnt on Tumblr about diversity and prejudice on concious and subconcious level, but it gets to the point where I'm just overwhelmed and depressed by it all (especially when they were trying to say the Lego movie is sexist XC)