Don't Save It All for Christmas Day (ReokuKurosai) by BlueKittyTales

Don't Save It All for Christmas Day (ReokuKurosai)


24 February 2019 at 13:06:14 MST

Sunday December 21st 2008

The past four and a half years may have been short, but yet it had felt like an eternity. He had been through so much, from nearly losing everything to almost losing his life. He had started out playing the rhythm guitars for the Metalcore band Naked Flame, before in 2005, he had left to form his own Death Metal band Unprovoked Attack with two friends and the former frontman of Severed Head, where he took the role of the lead guitarist. They were not years he could call dull ones, he could say that much at the very least.

But wherever his life was to go now, he couldn't see himself spending any of it without the woman of his dreams, his college sweetheart turned wife, a gold and pale blue kitsune named Jackie. He had just returned from his most recent tour, and the kitsune had missed him intensely while he was gone. When she had met him at the airport, she had rushed up to him upon seeing him at the baggage reclaim and pulled him into the tightest hug she could. Neither of them had forgotten that day, and more and more ideas came Ron's way as he browsed downtown Weron looking for Christmas gifts. He was mostly done, but wanted to surprise Jackie before the big day. And then, when he stopped at a convenience store and bought a bottle of sherry, the perfect idea came to him.

On the way home, he picked up a bottle of Jackie's favourite wine, and also a Santa hat. She had put on weight due to liking her cakes and sandwiches too much, but just to treat her, he also picked up three of each. It was the time of year for spoiling each other. Just as she loved her food, gardening and literature, so he adored musical instruments and romantic films. He arrived home to find Jackie not there, but he did not have to wait long, for once he'd pulled off his coat, he removed his shirt and hung the Santa hat over his left ear, also grabbing a brown bag from behind the sofa and putting his purchases into it. This sultry look was sure to get her motor running, if he knew her well enough. And sure enough, when she stepped through the door, her face lit up when she saw him.

"Oh wow!" crowed the kitsune. "Foxy Claus has come early!"

"You've been a very good girl this year, Jackie Jaeger." said Ron in a booming voice.

"You think I have?" smiled Jackie.

"I know when you've been naughty and nice." continued Ron.

"Well, we live together." pointed out Jackie.

"Yes. And this foxy has something very special in his sack for you." And without waiting for Jackie to answer him, he reached into the sack and pulled out a large pink box containing a raspberry and vanilla Victoria sponge cake. And just as he'd expected, Jackie's eyes glowed like a pair of candles.

"Oh Ron, you are sweet! That's my favourite kind of cake! How'd you know I was craving some?"

"Because cake makes just about anyone sweeter." he said. "And since you eat so much of it, this cake can never be as sweet as you."

"Oh, that is so corny." giggled Jackie. "You've gotta get some new pick up lines, Ron. But I still like that one. I'll enjoy this tonight, for sure!"

"That's not all I've got for my favourite kitsune tonight. Oh no."

Taking its title from a song from the legendary Celine Dion, for the first time in a while is a picture of Ron, who I will be casting as the protagonist of my debut novel, renamed to Iridium Roses. My dear friend ReokuKurosai gave me this lovely gift as a Christmas present this year, and I utterly adore it. Thank you so much, RK. This gesture means so much to me, and there's no denying how much you do too. <3

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